VIRTUAL Prosci® Strategic Alignment Workshop

VIRTUAL Prosci® Strategic Alignment Workshop

VIRTUAL Prosci® Strategic Alignment Workshop

Align your strategic objectives and Change Management efforts. Powered by Prosci's framework and tools, key stakeholders create a vision and plan for your organisation's Change Management capability development.

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This workshop accelerates your organisation’s change capability development by facilitating development of an effective strategy for organisational change capability. Through application of a range of Prosci tools you will define your organisation's current and future change management maturity, and the roadmap to close the gap. For 4-20 people. 

Who Should Attend

  • Executive sponsors
  • Deployment leaders
  • Functional leadership
  • Key organisational influencers

Workshop Objectives

  • Share your vision for change capability and how it ties into your organisational strategy
  • Understand the goals and objectives behind building your organisation’s change capability
  • Analyse the current state and clearly define the future state of your organisation’s capacity for change
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your key change leaders
  • Plan a sequence of events that will cultivate enhanced organisational change capability
  • Master an elevator speech that clearly explains why and how your organisation will become change-ready


Day 1:

  • Meeting kickoff
  • Unpacking enterprise-level change management deployment ambitions
  • Mapping change management maturity
  • Aligning enterprise change management goals

Day 2:

  • Exploring change management roles and responsibilities
  • Creating and deploying your change management roadmap
  • Establishing key program milestones
  • Refining communication and planning for success



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