Prosci® Change Scorecard Workshop

Prosci® Change Scorecard Workshop

Prosci® Change Scorecard Workshop

The tools you need to measure project-level performance at three levels: organizational, individual and change management performance.

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Turn your ambitions into actionable change. The Change Scorecard Workshop gives you and your project team everything you need to make and measure meaningful, lasting change.

Learn how to align your change initiatives with organizational success through a series of interactive discussions and hands-on applications, and by creating a change performance scorecard.


Part 1:

  • Define, align and measure your change scorecard value proposition
  • Explore your change scorecard framework and success metrics

Part 2:

  • Unpack the individual impact on change scorecard success
  • Identify next steps including definition assignment, calendar planning and commitments

Workshop Objectives

  • Create a to/by purpose statement for your change initiative
  • Evaluate outcomes and strategies for achieving your goals
  • Calculate people-dependent ROI
  • Explore organizational benefits and project objectives
  • Take inventory of impacted employee groups
  • Create a calendar for tracking moving forward
  • Collaborate on team commitments to complete and leverage your scorecard

Who Should Attend

The Change Scorecard Workshop is designed for up to three project teams (5-15 total participants).

Our most frequent attendees are:

  • Project/program/initiative sponsors
  • Change management leaders and practitioners
  • Project/program/initiative managers and team members
  • Solution developers, designers and support staff
  • Key organizational influencers



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