VIRTUAL Innovation Circle™

VIRTUAL Innovation Circle™

VIRTUAL Innovation Circle™

Align your executive leadership and stakeholders to achieve innovation breakthroughs. The Innovation Circle brings an intensive focus to solving the toughest innovation challenges.

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Our Innovation Circle opens up the world of innovation. Learn from the largest Innovation Capabilities database in the world, test run a world leading platform for assessing organisations’ innovation capabilities and benchmark your own organisation’s performance.  

You will be invited to complete a short evaluation that will reveal your organization's innovation potential and capabilities. Your personalized innovation assessment and benchmark report will provide recommendations on how you can sharpen your innovation strategy, leadership, culture, and capabilities by assessing the following key points:

  • What innovation management capabilities are associated with the best innovators globally. 
  • Which capabilities does your organisation need to develop to achieve specific impacts. 
  • How you can drive innovation capability in your organisation. 
  • How to minimize project risks and pinpoint developing opportunities.
  • Where to allocate resources to achieve a balanced innovation portfolio.
  • Which ideas you can bring to market faster with greater confidence.
Eoin Flavin, Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner and Head of Innovation Practice at STEPSTONE Consulting, will lead an in-depth group exploration of innovation insights from the Innovation Circle. Participants will leave the session with clarity on the report results as well as a targeted set of innovation recommendations and actions they can take immediately.
By participating, you will also be actively contributing to benchmarking research with thousands of other innovators around the globe. Among those who work with Innovation360's tools and methods are John Saiz, former CTO at NASA's Johnson Space Center / now Principal Fellow at Cambridge, and Peet van Bijon, former Global Innovation Practice Manager at McKinsey & Co.
The Innovation Circle is delivered by Stepstone Consulting in association with Innovation360 Group AB.


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Who Should Attend

If you need to…

  • Lead your organisation’s plans to build innovation awareness and capabilities
  • Establish your organisation’s strategy to innovate successfully and sustainably
  • Advise your senior management on the state of the art
  • Identify the best innovative ideas and manage them to achieve value
  • Sustain your innovation initiatives, for outstanding growth and future proofing

…the Innovation Circle is for you.

Workshop Objectives

At the workshop, you will:

  • Advance your understanding of the state of the art in Innovation Management. 
  • Take a snapshot of your organisation’s Innovation potential and readiness with InnoSurvey®, used by Global 100 firms, NASA, the Northern Ireland Office and 1000s more. (Completed prior to the workshop).
  • Benchmark your readiness with the best performers, locally and globally.
  • Share crucial insights that can focus and prioritize your innovation efforts.
  • Take away a unique, detailed analysis in report form, with tangible recommendations for developing successful, sustained innovation performance. 


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