Change Management Deployment Support

Change Management Deployment Support

Change Management Deployment Support

Our Change Management Deployment Support provides customized coaching and support for the implementation of your change capability development strategy. This advisory service helps you address obstacles that arise in building change capability through responsive, on-demand support and advice from experts that have experience guiding these implementations.

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Who Is This Advisory Service For? 

Change Management Deployment Support is designed for: 

  • Change Management Deployment Leaders
  • Deployment core team members
  • Executive sponsors


Change Management Deployment Support facilitates the successful implementation of change management capability development strategies in your organization. An expert advisor works alongside your Deployment Leader as they implement the five elements of the Prosci Enterprise Change Management Strategy: 

  • Leadership - Engage sponsors to play their role in times of change by coaching your sponsor community on the ABC’s of effective sponsorship
  • Project - Prioritize, select and resource projects to demonstrate success
  • Skill - Design and implement skills-building efforts
  • Structure - Facilitate the orientation of change management in your organizational footprint
  • Process - Integrate change capability into other change-initiating systems

Tools Included

This service provides access to an advanced suite of tools with guidance from your expert advisor:

  • Change Management Maturity Model Audit: to assess and track change maturity
  • ECM Roadmap: to design your strategy for embedding change management competencies
  • ECM Strategy Map: to manage your path to change management maturity in all five necessary capability areas


Deployment Support Kickoff Workshop

  • During this kickoff meeting, your Prosci advisor will meet with your Deployment Leader, executive sponsor and core team to:
  • Assess the organization’s current change management maturity level
  • Review your organization’s change capability deployment plan
  • Review short-term and long-term goals and action plans to implement this plan

Quarterly Deployment Review

  • Change Management Deployment Support includes a quarterly deployment review and health check with your deployment leader and core team. During these reviews, you will:
  • Assess progress on deployment plan
  • Diagnose gaps and assess emerging needs
  • Create action plans

Scheduled and On-Demand Virtual Support

In addition to the quarterly meetings, the deployment leader will also have a monthly check-in with their advisor as well as informal, on-demand support as needed across the duration of the engagement.

Annual Change Management Maturity Review

Every year, your Prosci advisor and Deployment Leader will reassess and track the organization’s change management maturity.



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