Change Management Project Support

Change Management Project Support

Change Management Project Support

Our Change Management Project Support provides a combination of onsite coaching, virtual support and access to advanced tools to drive results by accelerating change adoption and building organizational change capability.

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Who Is This Advisory Service For?

Change Management Project Support is designed for change sponsors and practitioners wanting guidance on the practical application of Prosci’s methods and tools. This service meets clients where they are and aligns with their specific needs to accelerate results on:

  • Must-win projects
  • Large, complex changes
  • High-risk initiatives


Change Management Project Support facilitates the successful application of change management to one or multiple projects. An expert advisor works alongside your sponsor, change management practitioner and project team to demonstrate the value of change management with an eye toward competency building for future change initiatives.
Working together with you and your team, we will:

  • Define project success
  • Establish measures for progress
  • Assess project health
  • Apply Prosci methods and tools
  • Align your project activities with best practices
  • Evaluate and sustain project results

Tools Included

This service provides access to an advanced suite of tools with guidance from your expert advisor:

  • CMROI Calculator: to calculate the people-dependent portion of project results
  • Change Scorecard: to define and track success
  • PCT Analyzer: to assess and manage project health
  • eBest Practices Audit: to align projects with change management best practices
  • ADKAR Dashboard: to track and guide individual transitions through change


Facilitated Kickoff Workshop:

  • Create a shared definition of success
  • Calculate change management ROI
  • Measure baseline project metrics
  • Discuss project and change management integration
  • Outline change strategy and plan

Tailored Project Coaching:

  • Receive in-person and virtual coaching to foster accountability for delivering expected outcomes
  • Equip, enable and support knowledge transfer and ability building
  • Maintain sponsor engagement for success
  • Communicate early successes to foster awareness and desire

Performance Reviews:

  • Bi-weekly reviews throughout the engagement
  • Final onsite session upon project completion
  • Discussion of change management integration on future projects and other change initiatives to drive toward success



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