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Everything DiSC Facilitation Resources STEPSTONE Consulting

Customise and Deliver Everything DiSC® Programs Within Your Workplace

Facilitation Resources for every Everything DiSC® Program

Deliver customised Everything DiSC® training and encourage transfer of learning with a range of resources.

Facilitation kits include a range of modules, depending on the program, complete with engaging activities and video. Easily customize facilitation by selecting and switching out video clips, modifying slides, Leader’s Guides, and participant handouts. Add or delete segments to fit any timeframe or workshop configuration. Access online resources and research.

Everything DiSC® Supplement for Facilitators provides more detailed data about a participant’s Everything DiSC assessment.

Everything DiSC® Facilitator Report provides a composite of a group’s DiSC styles and includes participant names. English only. Sold separately.

Other available resources to support your delivery include manuals, books, bonus video, giveaways, posters and interaction guides.

Online Learning Portal

Included with Everything DiSC assessments you will have access to MyEverythingDiSC.com, an interactive learning portal.
Everything DiSC Facilitation Resources STEPSTONE Consulting

You can then integrate this online resource into your learning and development initiatives. Support learners to develop their understanding of themselves and others through:

  • anytime access to their Everything DiSC profile,
  • availability of further content to develop their understanding of the DiSC model and their profile,
  • creation of unlimited comparison reports by inviting others to compare styles.

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Everything DiSC Facilitation Resources STEPSTONE Consulting

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