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Check out our FAQs below. Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we are asked. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about our programs and services.

Do your programs require pre-work?

It depends on the program, however most of our programs require some degree of pre-work which will be provided to you beforehand. For example, our Everything DiSC® programs require completion of the respective DiSC® profile for that program. Please check the program details for the program you are interested in for further information.

I'm interested in Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors. Is Wiley GDPR compliant?

Data privacy has always been a top priority for Wiley. That’s why their platforms were among the first to be EU-US and US-Swiss Privacy Shield certified. Wiley uses TrustArc as a third-party assurance partner for certification in Privacy Shield and has engaged them to support their GDPR readiness program. TrustArc is a recognized leader in privacy compliance, with expertise developed over the past two decades in dealing with customers and partners utilizing numerous technology platforms. If you have any questions regarding GDPR compliance please reach out to us.

Are training bookings refundable?

Please see the terms and conditions for your specific program. These may vary depending on the program and whether the booking was for an individuals or organisation. Wherever possible we strive to accommodate participants and clients by rescheduling or transferring the booking.

Do you run public Prosci® Change Management programs?

We offer Prosci® Change Management programs solely as in-house programs for both private and public sector organisations. Minimum participant numbers apply. 

Are Everything DISC® assessments valid and reliable?

Yes. In fact, Wiley only publishes Everything DiSC products that have surpassed strict testing standards and have been proven effective through an iterative design process. Everything DiSC Workplace is one of a number of assessments within the Everything DiSC family of products. This assessment builds on over 40 years of DiSC research and knowledge. Specific information related to validity and reliability is available in the Everything DiSC Research Report and the Everything DiSC Research Manual (in English). Please contact us for further information.

What if participants have already taken an assessment for a different Everything DiSC program with you?

If a participant has already taken an Everything DiSC assessment as part of another program with us, we can use their DiSC scores to create the required report for the same person. However, as different variants have specific items or behavioral priorities associated with them, participants will still have to answer certain items to receive their Profile.

What’s the difference between Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® and Everything DiSC® Management?

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® defines leadership as a one-to-many relationship and focuses on increasing effectiveness in the areas of Vision, Alignment, and Execution using 18 behavioral continua based on leadership best practices. Everything DiSC® Management, on the other hand, defines management as a one-to-one relationship and focuses on improving effectiveness in directing and delegating, motivating, and developing others using the Everything DiSC Management Map as a guide.

Should I use Everything DiSC Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders with the same leaders?

Yes. Work of Leaders and 363 for Leaders are complementary profiles and work well together by illuminating different aspects of leadership. The goal of Work of Leaders is to make a more effective leader by focusing on the leadership process of Vision, Alignment, and Execution. 363 for Leaders uses rater feedback to help a leader better understand their strengths, challenges, and blind spots. With the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders, a leader not only gets 360 feedback, but also is provided with three personalized strategies for increasing leadership effectiveness. In addition, normative data helps leaders understand how they align with other leaders.

Does an organization need to be DiSC literate to use Everything DiSC Work of Leaders?

No. An overview of DiSC as well as a narrative about the participant’s DiSC style is provided in the early pages of the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile. These pages give sufficient foundation for understanding how their natural tendencies influence their leadership skills. If you wish to take a deeper dive into Everything DiSC, an optional activity called Discovering DiSC is offered with the facilitation. The activity can be inserted into Module 1 to provide a more in-depth exploration of DiSC principles.

Do you run Everything DiSC programs for both intact and non-intact groups?

Yes. The programs mainly help individual explore their own strengths and challenges, however, activities also help reveal patterns and insights about an intact work group. When we work with an intact group, you have the opportunity to enrich the program by taking participants’ newfound insights to an organizational level in their discussions.


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