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Want real change? Focus on the people-side. Agile organisations know that change begins and ends with people. We help you embed change management into your team or organisation’s DNA.

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About Prosci

Prosci is a world leader in change management research, training and advisory services.

Based on best practice research over the last 20 years, Prosci maintains the largest body of change management knowledge available. Prosci’s world-famous ADKAR® model of individual change is just one of a comprehensive suite of methodologies, trainings, tools and resources that can trasnform your approach to change at the individual, team and organisational levels.

By choosing STEPSTONE Consulting as your Prosci Global Partner you can be confident of our shared commitment to building your team or organisation’s internal change management capability. Our expert trainers and advisors deliver to the highest standards of training and service. You also have the reassurance of access to a global network of partners across 50 countries to meet your unique circumstances.


Years of Change Management Research


People Trained & Certified Worldwide


Of Fortune 100 Companies Partner With Prosci

Be Change Ready

Apply a logical, step-by-step approach to change. Develop your capability to deliver real change with world-class training and support tools.


Develop agile change practitioners and prepare employees for change.


Give project and change teams the tools they need to deliver the people side of change.


Develop change capability and become a change-ready organisation.

Take the guesswork out of change

Change management is the structured discipline that focuses on the people side of organisational change. The goal of change management is that your team, department or organisation embraces, adopts and uses the technical solution your project is delivering.

Change management is a critical contributor to successful change, particularly when…

  • Delivering a must-win project
  • Implementing a project that impacts people
  • Anticipating resistance to your change


ADKAR: The ultimate guide to successful change

Your project and business success depends on people changing one person at a time. Learn to apply the world’s most widely adopted individual change management framework.

Integrated Change Management Solutions


  • Role-based and custom-built for every level
  • Research-backed, practical strategies for immediate benefits
  • Engaging and interactive design offers rich learning experiences


  • Increase the reach of change management efforts
  • Supplement role-based training
  • Blended learning solutions for unique situations


  • Support change management deployment and measure change
  • Manage your change portfolio
  • Build your Enterprise Change Management strategy



  • Customise Prosci methodologies to your unique needs
  • Integrate with existing processes and initiatives
  • Scale your capability to deliver change management

Solution Spotlight: Prosci® Change Management Practitioner Certification

Prepare your organisation's change management resources to effectively manage the people side of change in this immersive three-day experience. Apply the world's leading change management methodology, tools and best practices to one of your must-win projects. Check out the program details to see how we can help your people deliver successful change.

PROSCI Courses

  • Prosci Onsite Training Programs

  • Prosci® Change Management Sponsor Briefing

    Position your projects for success by enhancing your ability to demonstrate and deliver the number one contributor to change project success – active and visible sponsorship.
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  • Prosci® Change Management Certification Program

    Get the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives while acquiring certification in the globally recognised Prosci change management methodology.
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  • Prosci® Advanced Immersion Workshop

    Find out how your peers are using data-based change management methods and tools in this hands-on two-day workshop for advanced change professionals.
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  • Prosci® Change Management Program for Managers

    Gain all the tools, knowledge and confidence you need to lead your employees through organisational change. A highly practical one-day program, it focuses on the critical role played by managers and supervisors.
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  • Prosci® Delivering Project Results Workshop

    Integrate change management into active projects to deliver enhanced results while developing a shared appreciation of the impact of change management on project success.
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  • Prosci® Fundamentals of Change Management

    Gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts and organisational benefits of effective change management.
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  • Prosci® Change Management Employee Orientation

    Empower your frontline employees with the critical knowledge, skills and tools to adapt to change. Engaged and committed employees implement change faster, better and with greater results.
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  • Prosci® Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp

    Kick-start your company’s change capability journey. Making your organization truly change-ready can offer new competitive advantages. To get there, you need to first understand your current change capability.
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  • Prosci® Integrating Agile and Change Management Workshop

    Develop strategies to improve project outcomes. Explore the latest research and build specific tactics and plans for adapting change management to Agile iterative development.
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  • Prosci Elearning - Self-paced Online

  • Prosci Introduction to Change Management eLearning Module

    Establishing a shared understanding of what change management is and how it contributes to project success can help align project team members and ultimately drive project success.
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  • Prosci Introduction to ADKAR eLearning Module

    The Introduction to ADKAR eLearning module empowers employees to understand their own change process and achieve better outcomes using the Prosci® ADKAR® Model.
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  • Prosci Introduction to Leading Change eLearning Module

    The Introduction to Leading Change eLearning module gives managers a framework to use when adapting to change themselves and introduces the five research-based roles they need to fulfill to successfully lead change with their employees.
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  • Prosci Thriving Through Change eLearning Module

    The Thriving Through Change eLearning module will help people prepare themselves for change, providing action steps that can be followed to move through change successfully.
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  • Prosci Change Management Advisory

  • Prosci® Strategic Alignment Workshop

    Align your strategic objectives and Change Management efforts. Powered by Prosci's framework and tools, key stakeholders create a vision and plan for your organisation's Change Management capability development.
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  • Prosci® Change Portfolio Workshop

    Meet or even exceed your project goals by learning how to effectively manage multiple, often simultaneous projects.
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  • Prosci® Change Scorecard Workshop

    The tools you need to measure project-level performance at three levels: organizational, individual and change management performance.
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  • Prosci® Change Management Integration Workshop

    Change management doesn't exist in a vacuum. Integrate your change management practices with complementary change-enabling disciplines.
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We understand that choosing any service provider is an important decision both for you and your organisation. That’s why we invest the time so you can get to know us, not just as professionals but as colleagues. It also give us the chance to understand your needs more fully and to agree mutual expectations for how we can best work together.


Axa Insurance have been working with Phil Kildea for several years in the areas of people and performance management. Phil Kildea is an excellent trainer. His enthusiasm for his subjects is second to none and he has a great depth of knowledge. His training style is authentic, engaging and thought-provoking which encourages full participation and really complements the transfer of learning back to the workplace

Debbie Barry Sales and Performance Manager, Axa Insurance November 29, 2018

Angelo connects with people in a way that I have seldom seen in a facilitator. He combines this skill with an excellent command of his subject and has helped our staff to be more effective in working as teams, facilitating international seminars and in mastering the principles of business process improvement. I look forward to working with him on many more occasions in the future.

Ray Comerford Head of HR, Eurofound. European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions November 29, 2018


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