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Transform team culture and develop more cohesive teams through data-based insights into team strengths and challenges.


Help your people prepare themselves for change, providing action steps that can be followed to move through change successfully.


Heighten learners self-awareness and train how to effectively respond to the challenges of workplace conflict.


Develop a shared language for understanding behavioural styles and how to build more effective working relationships.


We understand that choosing any service provider is an important decision both for you and your organisation. That’s why we invest the time so you can get to know us, not just as professionals but as colleagues. It also give us the chance to understand your needs more fully and to agree mutual expectations for how we can best work together.


Really well delivered by the team. Would highly recommend. The documents and materials provided will be extremely useful for further learning.

Barry Delaney Human Captial, Deloitte June 1, 2021

Prosci really puts the person first. Understanding a person and their humanness is critical to any change and its success.

Joanne Quinn County of Santa Clara June 2, 2021


Cover of the Prosci best practices in change management report 2018

Best Practices in Change Management - 11th Edition

Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management - 11th Edition compiles 22 years of industry-leading research from change managers, project leaders and executives across the globe into the largest body of change management research to date. 

This edition presents emerging trends in change management, changes that have occurred, and the future direction of the discipline.

Download the 13-page executive summary for research highlights on:

  • The current state of change management
  • Change management application
  • Roles in change management
  • Adapting change management and aligning it with other functions

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