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Delivering Successful Projects Consistently

Excellence in projects is fundamental to strategy execution. Project management best practice can transform your organisation’s ability to predictably deliver projects on time, on budget and to the expectations of stakeholders. The more project-type work your organisation undertakes, the more project management excellence becomes a necessity and a potential strategic differentiator.  We facilitate project sponsors, boards, managers and teams through the full project lifecycle from concept to realisation. Our learning and development programmes provide transformative learning experiences for new and experienced project managers. Our coaches draw on extensive project and programme management experience to support our clients through focused coaching engagements.



Plan projects for success from concept to close

We help the key project participants in a wide variety of ways. From developing business cases to capturing user requirements, from project planning to gathering lessons learned, our facilitators help you to deliver a best practrice approach to project management. As a result, we help you reduce uncertainty, manage risk and increase your projects’ likelihood of success.



Develop the project management discipline throughout your organisation

We believe that if you want to change the way your organisation delivers projects, it needs a holistic approach. One that treats it’s introduction as a change process. Our learning and development programmes are focused on business needs and incorporate facilitation, training and coaching.  Let us explain how we can make project management success a core value within your organisation.



Coach project sponsors and managers to navigate projects

The complexity of many projects derives not only from technical challenges but often from the myriad stakeholder relationships to be considered. There can be competing demands placed on the project manger or the complexities of the project need an impartial third party to provide support in either case. Our coaches work with sponsors and project managers to find practical solutions to many of the ‘soft’ challenges likely to derail otherwise successful projects.



At STEPSTONE Consulting we support you in creating the path to your goals. From leadership teams to the front-line, our facilitators guide, challenge and empower.

Learning & Development

We design and deliver bespoke learning and development solutions. Transfer of learning and building organisational capacity are at the forefront of everything we do.


Our coaching style reflects the needs of individuals, teams and internal coaches. We help client organisations develop coaching capacity to envision strategy, manage change, enhance leadership culture and deliver projects.

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