Change Management

Managing Change in the new reality

Deliver change in a complex, accelerated environment. Enhance your ability to shift business priorities and successfully transition employees to the new normal. 

Succeed at projects critical to the business

Grow vital individual change competences

Cultivate a flexible change-ready culture

What is change management?

Take the guesswork out of change

Change management is the structured discipline that focuses on the people side of organisational change. The goal of change management is that your team, department or organisation embraces, adopts and uses the technical solution your project is delivering.

Change management is a critical contributor to successful change, particularly when...

  • Delivering a must-win project
  • Implementing a project that impacts people
  • Anticipating resistance to your change

Why Change Management?

Deliver People-dependent ROI

20+ years of research shows effective change management increases your likelihood of success.

Our organisations face new operational challenges and the need to design new technical solutions, business models or implement new ways of working.

Developing your team or organisation’s change management competences: 

  • Enables a more agile workforce and organisation
  • Helps close the gap between project requirements and benefits actually delivered
  • Delivers the people-dependent portion of project ROI

From the individual to the enterprise

3 levels of change management

From the individual to the enterprise, change management guides how we prepare, equip and support our people to successfully adopt change.

  • Individual change management draws on psychology and neuroscience to understand how people experience change and what they need to make successful transitions. The Prosci ADKAR® model is the world’s most widely used model of individual change. 
  • Change management at the project, program or initiative level guides the steps and actions needed to support those groups of individuals impacted by the change. Prosci research has found that projects that integrate both project and change management well are successful more often.
  • Enterprise change management is a fundamental building block of organisational agility, providing competitive differentiation and the ability to adapt. Effective change management is embedded into structures, processes, projects, roles and competency frameworks. Application of change management moves from ad-hoc to a strategic capability. 

Prosci change management


  • Prosci role-based training for every level
  • Research-backed, practical strategies for immediate benefits
  • Engaging and interactive design offers rich learning experiences
  • Apply Prosci’s ADKAR model and methodology to your projects


  • Accelerate change management initiatives
  • Support change management deployment and measure change
  • Manage your change portfolio
  • Build your Enterprise Change Management strategy



  • Scale change readiness with a Prosci eLearning license
  • Increase the reach of change management efforts
  • Supplement role-based training
  • Incorporate into blended learning solutions for unique situations

Develop Change Competences and Capability

Unique roles – unique preparation

The roles involved in change are distinctly different. Change management solutions can’t be a one-size-fits-all. 

Our role-based, research-based Enterprise Training programs teach individuals at every level of your organization how to play their unique roles during times of change. These flexible programs are designed to help you apply change management to your existing projects, so you can realize immediate benefits.

    Enterprise change management training

    Tailored SOLUTIONS

    Every organisation begins from a different place. Our goal is to tailor your change capability journey to your unique needs. 

    • We combine role-based trainings to address the unique challenges and opportunities your organisation, business unit or team is facing.  
    • We tailor solutions at the project, program or portfolio level.  Whether your focus is on a single must-win project or creation of a Change Management Office, we can help you stand up a role roster and prepare your key personnel to undertake their unique roles in change. 
    • We integrate  training with advisory offerings such as Change Management Deployment Support, Change Project Support or the Change Scorecard Workshop.  That way your stakeholders can get more aligned around your organisation's Enterprise Change Management strategy and gain more from your investment before and after trainings. 


    The world's most widely used change management model for individual change.

    The ADKAR Model drives powerful results by supporting individual changes to achieve organizational success. The model offers a structured approach to ensure that each individual experiencing change moves through the five phases necessary to make overall change successful.

    As a Prosci Global Partner, we're here to help you apply ADKAR to your change projects. Take a moment to explore our ADKAR resources. Deepen your awareness of the building blocks and applications of the world's most popular change model.

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    I think agility is going to be fundamental in what we do. And the ADKAR model is well suite to support the agility movement and has good research behind it. That's where I think change management is going.

    Jean-Claude Monney Microsoft June 2, 2021

    Outstanding training. Very relevant and needed.

    Carl Joiner Bose GSCP June 1, 2021


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