Be agile - embed innovation capability

Design your innovation capability journey, develop an innovation culture and provide your people with the tools to bring their ideas to fruition.


  • 360o view of innovation capability
  • Largest global innovation database
  • Actionable insights


  • Transformative innovation strategy workshops
  • Generate culture insight
  • Develop innovation capability roadmap


  • Enable ideation at scale
  • Connect ideations to strategic initiatives
  • Reduce risk by testing hypotheses



  • Combines expert input, innovation analytics and comprehensive, individualized feedback
  • Gain alignment around innovation goals and objectives

Innovation Assessment and Analytics

Develop an evidence-based innovation strategy

Many organisations declare innovation as a core value. However, to be truly agile, organsations need a deep understanding of their existing innovation management capability, a clearly defined future state and a roadmap to their desired future.

We deploy InnoSurvey® to provide a highly tailored, actionable roadmap to enhance innovation management and culture. It allows you to:

  • Explore a 360-degree view of your current capability and resources.
  • Understand the opportunities and risks for projects, transformation programs and your business model.
  • Design organisational development interventions with greater confidence based on insights from one of the largest innovation capability databases worldwide.


Align your executive leadership and stakeholders to achieve innovation breakthroughs. 

Innovation Circles bring an intensive focus to solving the toughest innovation challenges. This original, interactive format brings together your brightest minds and most talented leaders with insights from the world’s foremost experts in innovation management.

Review up-to-the-minute metrics from your organization’s own InnoSurvey® results, detailing strategies that are uniquely designed to fit your internal capabilities and market position. Your team will gain consensus on:

  • How to minimize project risks and pinpoint developing opportunities
  • Where to allocate resources to achieve a balanced innovation portfolio
  • Which ideas you can bring to market faster with greater confidence

Innovation Strategy Workshops

Gain insight into your organisation's culture of innovation and develop your innovation strategy.

Our highly interactive and transformative workshops engage your management team, project teams and stakeholders to develop actionable recommendations.

You can:  

  • Choose from one-day or half-day workshops tailored to your needs
  • Combine interactive activities with granular insights from InnoSurvey
  • Engage key stakeholders across the organisation in formulating your innovation strategy


Engage your employees, harness creativity, foster innovation.

Ideation360® allows your project, department or organisation to collect ideas from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Harness creativity by reducing barriers to submission, developing and testing hypotheses before making data-based decisions.

Ideation360 allows you to:

  • Offer a unique experience tailored by team, projects or any other structure so that individuals contribute to the campaigns relevant for them.
  • Reduce risk by clustering ideas and testing hypotheses prior to deployment.
  • Execute strategy more effectively by connecting ideations to strategic objectives and initiatives.


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