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What Is Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting

address the people side of change, deliver more successful projects

The people side of change

Change projects rarely succeed by solely focusing on the technical side of change. Organisations increasingly recognise the critical role of the people side of change for project success.

What is change management?

Change management is the discipline that sets out how leaders and change teams can guide, support and communicate with individual personnel to deliver change success.

Change management recognises that even the most technical project can have people implications in the form of changes to roles, processes, structures and use of technology. Business results and return on investment depend on how many individals are successful in their personal transitions. When enough individuals fail to adopt the new way of working, the change will fail. 



What Is Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting
What Is Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting

Individual Change Management

Leaders, change teams and the individuals themselves can manage change transitions more effectively if they understand how people experience change. As individuals what can I expect, what do we need to know about the change and how can we engage with the change most usefully? As leaders and change teams what do we need to do to successfully support individuals through the transition.

The Prosci ADKAR® Model of individual change is one of the most widely used change models worldwide.  The model and related change practitioner resources provide a toolkit for supporting individual change. As a Prosci Global Partner 

STEPSTONE Consulting offers a range of Prosci training and related advisory services drawing on the ADKAR model. 

Organisational/Initiative Change Management

Whether you are managing a single project, a program in a business unit or a business-wide transformation, organisational change management sets out a roadmap for addressing the people side of change. Organisational change management is complementary to your project management approach. It gives you the greatest change of successful adoption and utilisation, driving the business results of your project.

Prosci’s 3-phase change management methodology, practical practitioner tools and research-based resources provide a comprehensive toolkit for your next project.

STEPSTONE Consulting offers change practitioner training and advisory services to help you harness best practices based on decades of Prosci research.

What Is Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting
What Is Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting

Enterprise Change Management Capability

As the global business environment continues to undergo huge disruption, the single constant is the growing pace and scale of change required of organisations. Increasingly business of all kinds are recognising that a deeper capability around the people side of change will be essential. Change management moves from a single point in time solution to a core competency, one that transforms your business into an agile organisation.

Increasing levels of Enterprise Change Management (ECM) Capability reflect how deeply effective change management is embedded into your organisation.

STEPSTONE Consulting draws on decades of research and practical experience to help your organisation along its ECM journey. We can help you assess your current capability and design your change management development.

What Is Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting


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