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Why Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting

Change Management Dramatically increases your chances of project success

The common denomiator for success

Change projects rarely succeed by solely focusing on the technical side of change. Organisations increasingly recognise the critical role of the people side of change for project success. Change management is the discipline that sets out how leaders and change teams can guide, support and communicate with their personnel to deliver change success.

Why Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting

Change is the new constant

The global economy  is undergoing significant disruption. The impact of artificial intelligence, robotics and a host of other technologies are transforming businesses and whole industries. As a result, the pace, scope and scale of change is growing in both the private and public sectors. To deliver on their strategy requires faster, more complex, more interdependent and more cross-funcational change than ever before. In this increasingly unpredictable world, success depends on the ability to effectively manage the people side of change. 

6x Increased likelihood of project success*

18 years of research and the largest body of knowledge on change management practices demonstrate the impact of effective change management. Projects with improved change management are more likely to meet project objectives, finish on time and on budget. The difference in success rates between those projects with “poor” or “excellent” change management is six times. Moving from “poor” to “fair” increases success rates three-fold.

*Prosci Research Report – Best Practices in Change Management – 2016 Edition

Minimize Risk to Mission-Critical change projects

Focusing soley on the technical side of change almost inevitably builds risk into projects. The “RE” costs of redesign, rework, revisit, redo, retrain, rescope, perhaps even retreat, generate unanticipated costs. Productivity drops, absenteeism and regretted losses of personnel increase. Engagement drops and customer experience deteriorates. Yet, change management is often seen purely as a cost. This view fails to recognise the very real costs of not mitigating these risks. 

Capture the people-dependent portion of ROI

The business case for projects typically depends on both the technical solution and people changing how they work. Excellent technical solutions can still result in project failure. The percentage of a project’s return that depends on people doing things differently is frequently 80-100%. Change management, proactively and in a structured way, integrates with project management to help people change how they do their work. As a result, organisations are more likely to capture people-dependent project ROI.

Deliver on Project benefits

Many projects deliver on the requirements specification, producing the deliverables and ultimately the solution. Project benefits, however, often accrue long after the project is completed. The gap between project outputs and outcomes depends on people bringing the change to life by working differently. Effective change management bridges this gap by preparing, equipping and supporting people throughout the change.

Live the organisation's values

Many organisations strive to live a set of values that embody their culture and drive business results. Respect for their people is a value that organsiations can demonstrate by how they implement change. Effective change management engages with people in a proactive and structured way to support them through times of change.

Why Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting
Why Change Management? STEPSTONE Consulting


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