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Engage your people in ideation campaigns to foster not just once-off events but enterprise-wide conversations around innovative solutions. Manage ideations at scale, identify clusters and develop hypotheses for testing. Combine software-based tools and facilitated workshops to energise staff and stakeholder engagement.



You need to engage your people and manage ideation at scale, anytime, anywhere.


You need to design and deliver an engagement process with staff and stakeholders.

Engagement Processes

Tailored stakeholder engagement processes to support your innovation management objectives.

We design and deliver tailored engagement processes to support your innovation management objectives. Whether focused on innovation management strategy and deployment or on specific projects/initiatives, we bring over twenty years facilitation and engagement design experience.

We combine the latest online tools and creative workshops to design engagement processes that deliver greater alignment and set the foundation for success.


Engage your employees, harness creativity, foster innovation.

We support deployment and application of Ideation360®, one of the world’s leading ideation management platforms.  Ideation360 allows your project, department or organisation to collect ideas from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Harness creativity by reducing barriers to submission, developing and testing hypotheses before making data-based decisions. Our Innovation360 Licensed Practitioners will help you design your ideation campaigns and engagement process. 

Ideation360 allows you to:

  • Offer a unique experience tailored by team, projects or any other structure so that individuals contribute to the campaigns relevant for them.
  • Reduce risk by clustering ideas and testing hypotheses prior to deployment.
  • Execute strategy more effectively by connecting ideations to strategic objectives and initiatives.


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