In an uncertain world, the only true differentiator is the flexibility to adapt and proactively shape the future. We help you implement change, transform culture and innovate faster. Our virtual training, facilitation and advisory services help you design that future and a path to executing your vision. Combining world-class solutions, virtual delivery methods and class-leading digital tools, we create transformative experiences for individuals, teams and organisations.

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Design Your Journey to Agility

While every organisation has its own unique circumstances, all organisations face the same challenge: how to thrive in the face of unprecedented, disruptive change. We help organisations become agile by developing three critical capabilities.

Change Capability

From single projects to Enterprise Change Management, we can help you deliver change by applying world-class methodologies, tools and advisory support.


Success depends on people and their ability to work effectively together. Learn foundational behaviours that drive cohesive teams and organisational culture.

Innovation Capability

Measure your organisation’s innovation capability. Develop a practical roadmap to foster a culture of innovation. Build internal innovation management capability.


During change every organisation faces its own unique set of challenges. You may need us to facilitate sensitive stakeholder conversations, help you build a change team, or help individual change leaders to find solutions through coaching. These are just some of the ways we can help. As a Prosci Global Partner we offer a suite of world-class training, advisory and enterprise solutions.

Design and deliver change programs for sustained impact

We help change teams to refine their approach, stakeholders to clarify requirements, and organisations to engage their staff in the change process.

Build your capacity for change management

Our learning & development programmes provide leaders and change teams with the essential skills, knowledge and habits for successful change projects.

Get confidential, impartial and collaborative support

As executive and group coaches, we offer impartial support while drawing on decades of management and leadership experience.


We help individuals, teams and leaders develop the foundational skills to develop high performance, adaptive cultures. At STEPSTONE Consulting, we offer the Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ suites of training programs, customised to your organisation’s requirements, as stand-alone programs or integrated into broader learning and development interventions.


Whether improving working relationships, strengthening management skills, or tackling conflict with a new mindset, Everything DiSC delivers insights and strategies to meet your learners’ unique needs.


Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors provide teams with a common language for understanding their own behaviours and how these contribute individually and collectively to the team’s effectiveness.


Our Everything DiSC solutions help leaders understand their own leadership style and their contribution to the organisation’s leadership culture. Develop a practical, shared language for leadership practice and gather feedback to interpret impact on others.


Agility depends on the ability to transform ideas into business value or public good. We help you establish an adaptable innovation process and foster a culture of innovation. We apply Innovation360®’s data-driven solutions to create insights based on the groundbreaking InnoSurvey® and the largest innovation capability database available. We use these and the Ideation360® platform to design your innovation strategy and support your innovation program.

Assess innovation capability

Make evidence-based decisions, design your roadmap and benchmark your progress.

Develop your innovation strategy

Design your journey to a culture of innovation. Align your people around a vision for an agile organisation.

Deliver innovative solutions

From ideation to innovation circles, translate your strategy into best practices and cultural transformation.


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We understand that choosing any service provider is an important decision both for you and your organisation. That’s why we invest the time so you can get to know us, not just as professionals but as colleagues. It also give us the chance to understand your needs more fully and to agree mutual expectations for how we can best work together.


Angelo connects with people in a way that I have seldom seen in a facilitator. He combines this skill with an excellent command of his subject and has helped our staff to be more effective in working as teams, facilitating international seminars and in mastering the principles of business process improvement. I look forward to working with him on many more occasions in the future.

Ray Comerford Head of HR, Eurofound. European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions November 29, 2018

Axa Insurance have been working with Phil Kildea for several years in the areas of people and performance management. Phil Kildea is an excellent trainer. His enthusiasm for his subjects is second to none and he has a great depth of knowledge. His training style is authentic, engaging and thought-provoking which encourages full participation and really complements the transfer of learning back to the workplace

Debbie Barry Sales and Performance Manager, Axa Insurance November 29, 2018


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