Our 'why'

We see an ‘agile’ future. As the pace and complexity of change increases we need adaptive, innovative and agile organisations. We believe that our future depends on organisations, teams and individuals that can solve the world’s most difficult challenges. We help them by transforming their internal capacity for change and innovation.

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Who Are We?

The three members of the Stepstone Consulting leadership team

A Boutique Consultancy With Global Reach

Founded in 2015, STEPSTONE Consulting brings a unique mix of expertise, proven methods and research to help organisations become truly agile. Agility is built on a culture of teamwork, combined with systematic innovation management and a structured approach to the people-side of change.

Our consultants are seasoned experts in change, innovation, team and leadership development. We bring a unique multi-disciplinary perspective to your initiatives as practitioners, psychologists, trainers, facilitators and coaches.  

how do we help?

Real change is possible

As passionate believers in people, that is where we begin. We help individuals and teams develop the foundational skills that drive organisational culture. We bring some of the world’s leading methodologies, cutting-edge research and training programs to help individuals, teams and organisations develop their capacity for innovation and change.

Build Capacity for Change

Identify a path to innovation. Prepare your people to engage successfully with change. Learn how to apply the world’s leading change management methodologies and tools to your must-win projects.

Leverage Best Practices

Make evidence-based decisions drawn from the experience of thousands of change leaders over two decades. Gain insights from the world’s largest bodies of change management research and innovation management practices.

Design Your Journey

Assess your organisation’s change management maturity and innovation capability. Benchmark against thousands of organisations and gain actionable insights to design your organisation’s journey to agility.

Simple Not Simplistic

We use and teach you to use simple, evidence-based methods and tools grounded in common sense. We put the power in your hands to set the vision for your future state and deliver success.

Why choose us?

Our commitment to you

Our sole focus is on enabling you, your team and organisation to develop your internal capability to navigate the future. Our network of partners ensures we have to scale to meet local and international needs.

Our role is  to act as a catalyst and help you jump-start your team’s or organisation’s success. With immediately applicable tools, methods and processes our goal is to deliver value starting with our first meeting.

Knowledge transfer is at the heart of our training, workshops, tools, coaching and advisory support. We will empower you with proven methods, simple-to-use tools and structured processes to create a more agile organisation.  

We do not believe in agility for the sake of it. Being agile has a purpose; delivering results and thereby meeting the challenges we face head on. We are committed to your success. Our methods allow us to measure and demonstrate your progress.  

Solution Spotlight: Five Behaviors™

See how the world’s largest producer of software stays innovative and ahead of the competition. Using The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ as the foundation of their Organizational Capital Program, Microsoft can develop their teamwork, the ultimate competitive advantage.

A Unique Network of Partners,

A Unique Set of Solutions

Prosci global affiliate network logo

STEPSTONE Consulting is a Prosci® Global Partner, the leader in change management research, training and organisational tools.

Used across 65 countries in over 3,500 organisations, including over three quarters of the Fortune 100, the Prosci methodology is one of the most widely used worldwide. Prosci®certification is endorsed by the Change Management Institute and is the most widely recognised change management professional qualification.  Over 20,000 certified change management professionals trust Prosci® to provide the training, tools and support to deliver change project success.

Change competency builders network logo

STEPSTONE Consulting is part of the Change Competency Builders Network in Europe. CCB.network is initiated by European Prosci Affiliates. 

We work closely together to service our customers in building change capability and competency with Prosci training programs and change management advisory services.

Together we have full coverage of the European market and if needed we service our customers globally. All partners have a strong track record of working with large international organizations. By working together, we are able to service our customers who have sites in multiple countries to apply change management more consistently. Change globally, build locally.

Ideation360 company logo

Innovation360® Group’s mission is to help organizations all over the world to assess and strengthen their innovation capabilities for sustainable growth and profit.

Innovation360 Group is a world leader in innovation capability measurement and innovation management methodology. At STEPSTONE Consulting we employ Innovation360’s InnoSurvey® to help organisations assess their innovation capability against the world’s largest innovation capability database. We deploy the Ideation360® platform to help organisations develop innovative solutions. We support them on their journey to greater agility through innovation strategy and advisory services.

Everything DiSC authorised partner logo

Everything DiSC® is a transformational set of personality assessments, coaching support tools, training programs and online resources to help build more effective relationships at work.

Everything DiSC offers tailored solutions for every level of an organisation. It provides a common language to understand ourselves and others which leads to better workplaces and productivity. As an Everything DiSC® Authorised Partner, STEPSTONE Consulting administers assessments, facilitates customised workshops and supports internal HR functions to gain the most from their investment in Everything DiSC.

The Five Behaviors authorised partner logo

Based on the international best-seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni and powered by Everything DISC®, The Five Behaviours® is proven to deliver business results.

Participants will learn how to model Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results—to become a truly cohesive team. Designed exclusively for intact teams and work groups, the program helps members understand how, as a team, they score on the key components of The Five Behaviors™ model. As a Five Behaviors Authorised Partner we help teams and organisations develop a more cohesive team culture through team culture assessments, Everything DiSC profiles and engaging, data-driven workshops.

Cover of the Prosci best practices in change management report 2018

2018 Best Practices in Change Management Report

Prosci’s models, tools and training programs are derived from 20 years of best practice research and published findings to give you access to the experience of thousands of practitioners.


We understand that choosing any service provider is an important decision both for you and your organisation. That’s why we invest the time so you can get to know us, not just as professionals but as colleagues. It also give us the chance to understand your needs more fully and to agree mutual expectations for how we can best work together.


Angelo connects with people in a way that I have seldom seen in a facilitator. He combines this skill with an excellent command of his subject and has helped our staff to be more effective in working as teams, facilitating international seminars and in mastering the principles of business process improvement. I look forward to working with him on many more occasions in the future.

Ray Comerford Head of HR, Eurofound. European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions November 29, 2018

Axa Insurance have been working with Phil Kildea for several years in the areas of people and performance management. Phil Kildea is an excellent trainer. His enthusiasm for his subjects is second to none and he has a great depth of knowledge. His training style is authentic, engaging and thought-provoking which encourages full participation and really complements the transfer of learning back to the workplace

Debbie Barry Sales and Performance Manager, Axa Insurance November 29, 2018


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