Innovation Management Systems


Innovation Management Systems

An Innovation Management System (IMS) is an organizational system that helps it achieve its business objectives by implementing appropriate structures, governance and process to deliver consistent innovation management practices. We help organisations design and deploy tailored innovation management systems.


ISO 56002 Readiness

You need to assess your organisation’s readiness for ISO 56002.


You need to design an IMS tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.


You need to implement a new innovation management system.



Today ISO 56002 is a guidance standard and may be a required standard (56001) in the next four to five years. 

Take the readiness test, developed by Innovation360, to prepare for ISO 56002. Develop a roadmap to amplify the necessary capabilities, leadership and culture to meet the challenge.  Our Innovation360 Licensed Practitioners will facilitate and support your assessment to develop an evidence-based approach to enhance your organisation's readiness.  



Innovation Management System Design

Design an IMS tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements.

An innovation management system (IMS) is an organizational system that helps it to implement innovation management practices, systematically capture the best ideas and continually improve to meet its objectives.

Every organization must design and implement its own unique Innovation Management System based on its horizon strategy, industry and market, current level of innovation ambition, and other factors. Our advisors support you in designing a fit-for-purpose IMS.



Innovation management system deployment

Implement a tailored IMS to drive innovation value. 

Our expert advisors bring decades of experience delivering innovation and implementing management systems. Your STEPSTONE Consulting advisor works with your IMS deployment team to develop, monitor and control your IMS implementation plan.



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