Innovation Strategy


Innovation Strategy

To be truly agile, organsations need a deep understanding of their existing innovation management capability, a clearly defined future state and a roadmap to get there. Building on over a decade of research and a global network of innovation practitioners, we help organisations understand their current capacity for innovation and bridge the gap to the future.


Innovation Capability
Assessment – InnoSurvey®

You need to understand and benchmark your organisation’s capabilities.


You need to develop an evidence-based innovation strategy.

InnoSurvey® - Innovation Capability Assessment

Benchmark your organisation’s capabilities against the top innovators.

Our 360-degree, innovation assessment combines qualitative and quantitative data, compares and contrasts key drivers, and assesses capabilities. Benchmark your organisation’s capabilities against the top innovators.  Our Innovation360 Licenced Practitioners deploy the InnoSurvey® to provide a highly tailored, actionable roadmap to enhance innovation management and culture.  

It allows you to:

  • Explore a 360-degree view of your current capability and resources to inform your innovation strategy.
  • Understand the opportunities and risks for projects, transformation programs and your business model.
  • Design organisational development interventions with greater confidence based on insights from one of the largest innovation capability databases worldwide.


Innovation Strategy Development

Develop an evidence-based innovation strategy.

Drawing on your Innovation Capability Assessment results, we help you define your organisation’s innovation strategy. We deploy InnoSurvey® to provide a highly tailored, actionable roadmap to enhance innovation management and culture. We’ll help you set your innovation objectives aligned with your business objectives, culture and current innovation management capability.

You can:

  • Engage key stakeholders across the organisation in formulating your innovation strategy
  • Determine your objectives and strategic approach to innovation
  • Define your Innovation Capability future state.
  • Define your Innovation Management System requirements



The Science Of Innovation

On a recent visit to Stockholm, we chatted with Peter Glasheen, CEO of Stratovation and Head of Faculty at Innovation 360 Group AB about trends and developments in innovation management.

Why is innovation management changing and is it art or science? Is there more to innovation than developing new products and services? How will the new ISO standard 56002 benefit how organisations approach innovation? 



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