Why Change Management?

The Prosci Methodology is one of the most widely used approaches to change management in the world.

Change Management Process

The Prosci Methodology is one of the most widely used approaches to change management in the world. In fact, Prosci’s offices on numerous continents along with over 30 global partners deliver training and support related to the methodology in every corner of the globe. To date, Prosci has certified more than 100,000 practitioners worldwide.

The Prosci Methodology and its associated models, tools and processes are based on 20+ years of research, making it a true best-practices approach to change management. Let’s take a look at two of the main components of the Prosci Methodology: the Prosci ADKAR Model and the Prosci 3-Phase Process. Both are based on this fundamental principle:

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“The secret to successful change lies beyond the visible and busy activities that surround change. Successful change, at its core, is rooted in something much simpler: how to facilitate change with one person.”

– Jeff Hiatt, Prosci Founder

A framework for individual change

So the question is, how do we facilitate this individual change that leads to organizational change? Most important, we use a structured process—the ADKAR Model—to guide individuals through a particular change to ensure that they embrace and adopt the change.

ADKAR model
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Practitioners, change sponsors, people managers and others are all involved in this process. By joining forces to apply the ADKAR Model, we can support people in their Awareness about why we’re making the change, which helps foster their Desire to make the change. We provide them Knowledge on how to change and ensure they have the Ability they need to make the change. And we offer Reinforcement to make sure the change sticks.

Thousands of organizations today leverage the ADKAR Model to take on their toughest change challenges. You can learn more about the ADKAR Model in our webinar, Introduction To ADKAR.

A framework for organizational change

While the ADKAR Model enables successful change at the individual level, the Prosci 3-Phase Process provides a framework for achieving change at the organizational level. This structured yet flexible process guides practitioners through performing the steps and activities needed to achieve success on a project or initiative. Practitioners apply components of the Prosci Methodology, such as the ADKAR Model and PCT Model, within the framework of the Prosci 3-Phase Process.

Here’s the basic structure of the Prosci 3-Phase Process and the goals of each phase:

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Phase 1 – Prepare Approach

To position the change for success by developing a customized and scaled change management strategy with the necessary sponsorship and commitment.

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Phase 2 – Manage Change

To achieve adoption and usage of the change by creating, implementing and adapting plan(s) that will move individuals and the organization through ADKAR transitions.

Sustain Outcomes icon

Phase 3 – Sustain Outcomes

To realize the value of the change by ensuring the change is adopted and the organization is committed and prepared to sustain the change.

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Now that you have a basic understanding about what change management is, why it’s important, and what a proven process for applying it looks like, we have many other resources available to help you gain a deeper understanding of change management and how it can help you and your organization succeed at change. For additional details about the ADKAR Model and Prosci 3-Phase Process, see the Methodology section of our website.

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