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Prosci® Taking Charge of Change Workshop

Gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts and organisational benefits of effective change management in this new workshop.

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Deepen your understanding of change management and its value

This workshop delivers the fundamental concepts of change management and establishes how effective change management can benefit your organisation. In an online experiential format, this workshop applies five tenets of change management to a specific project or change initiative to build awareness and desire for change management—the first two milestones in the Prosci ADKAR Model. This program is available both virtually and on-site.

Workshop Benefits
  • Introduce leaders and key stakeholders to fundamental change management concepts
  • Build greater buy-in for effective change management
  • Demonstrate how effective change management can apply to your projects

  • Prosci
  • Change Management
  • Training
  • For Leaders and Stakeholder Groups
Both Virtual and In-Person
1 Day

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Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for a range of leadership roles and key stakeholder groups with an interest in change management.
  • Senior leadership evaluating how change management can benefit their organisation
  • High-potential leaders who need a better understanding of change management
  • Key stakeholder groups that are impacted by significant organisational changes
  • Change agents who need to understand fundamental concepts and establish a common language with change practitioners
  • Project teams that need to understand what it means to apply change management
Important to Know

This program is currently offered in a virtual instructor-led training format. It’s delivered by instructors highly experienced in virtual training using a robust platform, making it a truly interactive experience. In-person training will resume when it makes sense for our employees and customers alike.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish a shared definition of change management and how it impacts organizational outcomes

  • Understand the connection between the technical side and the people side of change

  • Understand the research and best practices around change management

  • Explain the value of change management

  • Learn and apply the five tenets of change to an initiative

  • Complete diagnostics and assessments for the initiative

  • Understand and apply the Prosci ADKAR Model for individual change

  • Develop an awareness of the three phases of organizational change

  • Develop a commitment-to-action plan

Workshop Agenda

In this highly interactive and stimulating workshop we explore:

  • The foundation of successful projects

    In this module we establish what change management is and how it contributes to delivering results and outcomes.

  • Tenet 1: We change for a reason

    In this module we explore the importance of establishing the 'why' of change and change as a process.

  • Tenet 2: Organisational change requires individual change

    In this module we explore individuals as the unit of change, aspects of job change and how to assess impact.

  • Tenet 3: Organisational outcomes are the collective result of individual change

    In this module we make the connection between individuals and organisational change and explore the critical return on investment factors of effective change.

  • Tenet 4: Change management is an enabling framework

    In this module we introduce The Prosci Methodology, the top contributors to success, key roles in change management and resistance management.

  • Tenet 5: We apply change management to realise the benefits of change

    In this module we explore how to mobilise adoption and usage, and develop actions plans for post-workshop.

Materials Included
  • Program workbooks and handouts
  • Best Practices in Change Management – 11th Edition Excerpt
  • Change Management: The People Side of Change
  • Research Hub – digital versions of Best Practices in Change Management – 11th Edition, topical studies, and relevant data across a broad array of topics (one-year subscription)

Meet Your Instructor

    Angelo Mcneive

    Head of Change Practice

    ANGELO is Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor. He draws on over twenty-five years research, consulting and organisational development experience in both the private and public sectors to bring the program to life. His global experience as a business psychologist and facilitator ensures a program that is relevant for participants from a wide range of professional backgrounds, engaged in diverse change projects. Angelo is a Chartered Psychologist in Ireland and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK.

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  • Ciaran Bennett

    Estate Services, Univeristy College Dublin

  • "First time doing an online training course and could clearly see the level of work that went into organising and delivering. Professional and relaxed approach."

    Ciaran Bennett

Why Choose Prosci and Stepstone Consulting

Prosci has been a leader in change management for over 20 years. The Prosci Methodology and Certified Change Practitioner credential are recognised worldwide as synonymous with excellence. In selecting Stepstone Consulting as your chosen Prosci Global Partner, you can be confident that your team will receive Prosci training to the highest standards, while benefiting from our technical and professional experience.

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    Years of Change Management Research

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